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St-Germain Express Inc. was founded in 2004. Today, we are proud to operate more than 30 trucks and 80 trailers of all kinds; dry boxes, reefers, curtains, flat beds, drop decks, double drops, low beds, and etc.

We offer general and specialised quality transportation. All you have to do is tell us what needs to be transported, where, and when… we will take care of the rest.

By contacting us you will talk directly with the people who will take care of your load. We will transport your goods towards the United-States or bring back what you need.

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Anywhere in the Canada & USA

Always 100% guaranteed

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Our mission is to transport the world into the future – We donates 10% of our profits to the protection of the planet, by supporting the causes that are most important to us.

Moving for you

St-Germain Express Inc. was founded by the 3 children of Roger Coderre, who was founder and president of St-Germain Transport Ltd.

The 3 children, Joe, Richard, and Solange, started working in their father’s company as kids. Since then, they leveled up and occupied all the possible jobs in the company. They have all worked at the direction of St-Germain Transport Ltd.

Joe is now director of operations, Richard is fleet director and Solange is first manager of the garage and administrative director.

In the spring of 2004, Roger’s 3 children started their St-Germain Express while still working at St-Germain Transport Ltd. They did not abandon the family company, the same one they all started working for and built their experience in.

Both companies operated together side by side for more than 7 years… they shared personnel, offices and customers. When Roger, in 2010, the president and founder of St-Germain Transport Ltd, decided to stop working at the age of 77, the family decided to unite both companies.  St-Germain Express Inc. bought the fleet, the offices and re-hired all the employees of St-Germain Transport Ltd.

Since January 1st 2011, St-Germain Express Inc. provides all services previously offered by both companies; St-Germain Transport Ltd and St-Germain Express Inc.

Joe, Richard and Solange are cumulating together more than 90 years of experience in every domain of the trucking business. They have occupied every single position within a transportation company. When you talk with them, you are communicating with somebody who knows what they are talking about.

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At St-Germain Express, we specialise in moving goods safely anywhere in the Canada & US.



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